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The Observer - Golden Eye / Obsidian Healing Bracelet

The Observer - Golden Eye / Obsidian Healing Bracelet

Luxe, Golden, and Glittering! Let the light in with our Black Obsidian healing bracelet. This is a strong stone that will wash a light of protection over you and your psychic powers and abilities. This will shine protection over your auric field and release negativity. It has a high vibration that aids in the answering of questions through spirit. It is one of the best crystals to assist you with communication to spirit. The third eye pendant  has a radiation of rainbow tones throughout the eye. As well as serves as a reminder that you are always protected and guided. Wear this piece with pride. 



Chakra: Third Eye


Bead size: 10mm


Material: High Quality Genuine Gemstone Faceted

                   Pendant - Gold Filled

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