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Eye Am - Hawks Eye Healing Bracelet

Eye Am - Hawks Eye Healing Bracelet

Open your mind with Hawks Eye. A blueish–gray stone with a bright, polished, lustrous sheen. This stone focuses on the third eye chakra and is highly- intuitive. It helps one see the wide scope of situations and everyday life instead of getting caught up in the little details of things that cause brain fog at the end of the day. This stone brings upon newfound focus and attention. It helps you along your soul’s pathway in divine timing. Hawks eye also fires up the throat chakra. It aids in heightening connection and communication with the spirit realm as well as past life regression. Dive through other realms with our hawk’s eye healing bracelet. Allow for pure, honest, and true communications to happen with integrity and confidence.


Chakra: Third Eye & Throat


Bead size: 8mm


Material: High quality genuine gemstone

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